An absolute innovation for the italian market: Clip System

An absolute innovation for the italian market: Clip System

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There are new models in the current retail, even in the optical market. For the optician it is important and urgent to reconsider schemes and traditional ways of selling and focus into the most profitable branch, represented by the ophthalmic section.

Clip system enables the development of an innovative work-style, which is unconventional and surprising for the client. Attracts attention, leads to the desire of buying, involves and takes the client towards a more valuable optical solution. The selling consultant, changing his way of promoting the lens, realizes the consumer’s desire of experiencing the product: he wants to try the different types of lenses before buying, in order to evaluate the several performances. The client will be more inclined to pay for the real quality perceived through the lens and will appreciate the additional value.

Clip system gives the opportunity to tell a new story and, what goes on is not an incomprehensible list for the client but the product itself, the lens with its features.

Clip System

Clip System is a patented innovative system promoting the ophthalmic lens, born with the purpose of making the optician “selling better” the lenses taken from the lists of ophthalmic firms, transmitting in the best way the benefits of the optical solutions proposed, toward the excellence.

Only one truth: the client trusts only in optical stores where the real product of the lens can be tested.

Clip System is a system created to keep up with the change of the consumer, buyer of an optical solution. It is a system that generates creativity and a different quality experience, in order to concretely make visible the benefits of the proposed and previously tried lenses.

Clip System is a box of experiences, oriented towards a new way of offer, where the client tries new suggestions and emotions and finds a sales personnel ready to satisfy his needs.

Clip System enables the optician and the consultant to tell a good story and what is shown is no more an incomprehensible list but the product itself with its features. An innovative and different work-style.